board minutes 2017

minutes for january, 2017


Opening reflection provided by Pat, courtesy of Alison Regrets: Alison

Motion to accept the amended agenda put forth by Joan by Edie, carried.

Motion to accept the amended minutes from December 5th put forth by Joan 2nd by Edie, carried.

Business arising from past minutes: Board reviewed financial documents for December. CTS currently shows in a small surplus. Charity fund expenditures were summarized and presented to Board. We received a thank you card from the Salvation Army for our participation in the Kettle Program and from Horizons of Friendship for their donation.

Northumberland Youth Unlimited have requested an additional donation. The mailer may have crossed in mail with our December donation.  No further donations now.

Financial Issues:

Update on Current Church Projects: Eighty or more people attended our last Greenwood dinner. Recipients indicated a preference for casseroles. They could take home leftovers for another meal.  CTS participants enjoy being able to sit down to dinner with Greenwood residents. Next dinner is planned for one week after Easter, date to be determined. The visitation committee had no requests for communion or a visit. Next Potluck is scheduled for February 26th with hot or cold entrees and will be held upstairs on the main level. Michele to post to both webpage and Facebook and include in bulletin. The Parishioner Contact program is working well. Discussion over Meal in a Bag vs. Food Bank. A concern was raised over carrying of bags of food to church each Sunday. For those that wish to make monetary contributions to a program instead of food contributions, financial donations can be made directly to the Salvation Army: Meal in a Bag Program or Christ the Servant Church: Northumberland Food for All.  Northumberland Food for All distributes food to various agencies and foodbanks.

Business Arising from Past Minutes: The Board reviewed the submissions for streamlining the annual review process and forms. The Annual Review Committee submitted two simplified examples and the Board agreed to utilize the scale system with the questionnaire style review. Copies will be sent to each director to complete a pastor review and submitted back to the committee. The Annual Review Subcommittee will


compile the documentation and using the input from that information perform the annual review with the Pastor, the first week in February prior to the Board meeting. Gary to meet with pastoral team and perform review(s). Discussion regarding duties of the Board took place and resulting in a plan to set up an annual calendar of items that need to be scheduled and completed over the course of the Board year. Goal to have calendar set up by October for new council.

New Business: Contracts-Associate Pastor has submitted a letter of resignation. The Board respectfully accepts Germain’s resignation; thanks him for his valuable contribution of pastoral service and looks forward to his continued participation within CTS. Michele will contact Germain. There was discussion over redistribution of duties within the pastoral team and for transfer of some of these duties to the Deacon. Pat to speak with Alison about directorship. Michele expressed concern over continuity of services in the event of absence of any kind among the remaining pastoral team. A member of CTS congregation has volunteered to step in and lead a lay service as well as a Minister from Abba Ministries may be requested as need arises. The board discussed stipends for services and will look at this matter more if the need arises.

Michele will remove Marilyn’s name from bulletin and website as director. We thank Marilyn for her contributions as a director over the past six years. Michele will update the webpage with homilies available as there is a lapse in what has been published.

Gary to provide any written homilies as available. Technical difficulties in videotaping has prevented the continuation of taping the readings and homily.  Audacity may remove background noise (free program). A suggestion to utilize unleavened bread was brought forth. The decision was made to continue regular services with the wafers and use unleavened bread for special occasions.

Pastor’s Report: Meeting this Thursday with the Better Together Churches about Easter Services and joining their service for Good Friday. New family has arrived and another family is due to arrive soon.

Closing prayer courtesy of Joan.

Next Meeting Date: February 6th, 2017 Next meeting Snacks: Michele

minutes for february, 2017

Minutes to be added

minutes for march, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2017

Present: Pat, Joan, Edie, Gary, John, Gord, Michele

Absent:  Alison


Opening Prayer courtesy of John


The previous meeting minutes were reviewed.  Motion to accept current agenda and minutes from January 2017 by Joan, 2nd by Gord, carried.


Financial Issues: Financial documents from January were reviewed and showed a small surplus in. Several thank-you letters have been received from our donations in December.  We have received a request from the Christian Children’s Fund. This item will be tabled for next meeting for further investigation on operational costs and percentages.  Pat will look into how the funding is allocated. Helping Hands Newsletter to be placed on community table.  A thank you letter received by Youth Unlimited for our donation to their organization. Gary’s contract for 2017 has been signed. Nancy has received her contract.  It is yet to be signed.

Business arising from past minutes: The “minutes” or notes from the meeting with Germain and Alison were discussed regarding his resignation as Associate Pastor.  Questions about the meeting were fielded by Michele and Pat. Germain’s intentions to continue in a volunteer role were discussed focusing on the impact to the Ministerial team, challenges, and benefits. While there remains some challenges and adjustments, his continued participation in a volunteer role is mutually beneficial.  Discussion arose over events from Christmas and the past year; the Board referred to the Constitution. Standards of Behaviour for Board members were discussed. Information received via emails, consultation with parishioners, liturgy team, regarding Christmas and the behavior of a Board member for this event and those over a period of the past year were revisited.  The Board, to resolve conflicts is obligated to follow the Constitution.  The Board will contact all parties involved with the results of its investigation, discussion, and resolution to the situation. The board unanimously agreed that due contravention of the Constitution, Alison Landry will be removed as a Director of Christ the Servant Catholic Church.  Joan motioned this, 2nd by John, carried. The Board thanks Alison for all her dedication, hard work over the years, and faith in CTS.  Regarding Germain’s participation as a volunteer minister, he is currently scheduled to lead 6 services and provide homilies 6 times. We hope and look forward to this next chapter.

Annual Review-Comments were received on annual performance review of pastor-form by the Pastor.  The Board may revisit refining the form in the future.  Communication and conflict resolution were areas of discussion between the Pastor and Board members. The Pastor gave a verbal account of Deacon’s annual review.  He encouraged her to participate more with him in the service to gain experience and confidence.  He explained their meeting and her strengths.  Gary will present the Board with the written copy.    Planning of Outdoor Service and combining this service along with Blessing of Animals was discussed, more information will be presented when arranged.  CTS annual calendar template was provided courtesy of Alison. Michele has added some events and amended it.  More will be added as it becomes available.  The goal is to post it to both the webpage and Facebook for the congregation, various ministries and public to view and use for planning.

Update on current church committees:  Updates will be included when there is information to report.  All committees will provide a report of their duties and accomplishments prior to the annual review on April 23rd, 2017.

Pastors Report:  We are part of Lakeshore Ministerial Association.  We will be joining several churches for Good Friday Service at 8 a.m. 9:30a.m. and11a.m, to be held at the Best Western, In Cobourg.   The theme is the next generation.  Youth Unlimited, Beginnings, Northumberland Christian School, and a camp for children will be the beneficiaries of all goodwill donations. There will be booths for information from these charities.   CTS will look after their own collection for that day, the bookkeeping and then donate 25% to each of the 4 charities.  Cheques are to be written to Christ the Servant.  Envelopes should be named to Christ the Servant as well.  Pat to talk to Val and let her know.  Gary to pick up cheques.  Gary has spoken to several people about the possibility of setting up a bible study as a progression from prayer group.

New Issues:  Rick will be assuming the role as webpage director. Michele will send information to Rick.  Michele will inform and thank Greg for his services and let him know that we have a parishioner assuming the role.  Consecrated hosts and wine need a coordinator to ensure they are used up each month. Need volunteer.  Edie received a suggestion for an “app” for parishioners to speak to each other.  The app would only be open to church members.   The app is called Life.  Rick will speak with Heather about the app.


Closing Prayer courtesy of Michele

minutes for april, 2017

Christ the Servant Catholic Church

Board Meeting Minutes

April 3,2017


Opening reflection provided by Gord.

Motion to accept the agenda put forth by Gord 2nd by John, carried.

Motion to accept the minutes from March 6, 2017 put forth by Joan, 2nd by Gord, carried.

Financial Issues:  Financial reports from February were reviewed.  The Charity Fund Report was discussed. Pat considered various charities as to overhead, programs, and efficiency. The Board has received a financial request from Scott Mission for an Easter Meal, Christian Children’s Fund-Child Sponsorship, Northumberland Youth Unlimited. Motion to support Scott Mission by sponsoring a table for 24 ($102.00) put forth by Michele, 2nd by Joan, carried.  Pat attended a presentation at Horizon’s of Friendship and brought brochures for information purposes.  Horizons’ usually do a presentation mid year to CTS.

Business arising from past minutes:  Rick has volunteered to take over the webpage. Compensation has been done in the past to an outside webpage person.  This area will be revisited in future after more research is done.  Michele to notify Greg.  The yearend report will not be presented until the Comptroller is available.  His suggestion would be May 7.  The Annual Church calendar is being updated.  Michele to send copies via email to all Board members. Pat is volunteering to coordinate consecrated host and wine and cycle these monthly.

Update on Current Church Projects and Committees: There will be a Potluck planned for April 23rd.  The members of the Hospitality committee have agreed to hold potlucks approximately every two months.  Meal in a Bag is going well.  Visitation committee has not had requests.  Greenwood committee has money from direct donations to compensate for the cost of additional casseroles. A charity fundraiser request was discussed for in house garage sale and barbecue.  Advice was given that this venture needs to be done as a non-church event because of specific allocations of funds. CTS members may donate, assist, and partake in support of this venture.  Board members are recommended to contact the parishioners on their list prior to Easter to let them know about upcoming events.  The contact list will be refined and members are encouraged to let Pat know of any requests or deletions.

New Issues: John and Gord will be stepping down in June as Directors. The Board will follow the direction of the advisory report and will not hold an election as it was recommended to reduce the size of the Board to five, including the pastor in the report. The church library will be purged and the remainder offered to the congregation.  Any left will be donated to Bibles for Missions.   Helping hands have sent information on their organization and would be willing to come in and speak.


Pastor’s Report- Guest speakers are being arranged for June.  Two Ministerial groups, one is interfaith, one is Christian.   Salvation Army is holding a presentation on depression.  Interfaith is hosting a Neighbour link presentation.  The organization will be closing and the presentation is to see if any churches want to pick up where they are leaving off.  The Christian group expressed concerned over pressure to new doctors to support assisted suicides, without guidelines and possible abuses.  They have asked us to pray for wisdom.  Collection at Good Friday Community Services at the Best Western, will be divided up between four charities:  Beginnings, Northumberland Youth Unlimited, Lakeshore Pentecostal Camp, Northumberland Christian School. Instructions for donations will be given at the services.  8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m.  Holy Thursday will consist of a Seder service, at the Hall commencing at 7pm.  CTS still has much of the necessities for this.  Palm crosses will be attached to the cross on Holy Thursday, representing burdens, these will be removed on Easter Sunday for parishioners to take home.  Prayer group has gone extremely well.  There will be a break, but Gary will look to reintroduce the group with a new focus perhaps in the Fall.  Much has been learned and shared.  Gary to send Nancy’s annual review promptly.

The Board received a request for a formal letter of dismissal from Alison.  This is being prepared and will be sent to her directly.


Next Meeting Date:  May 1st, 2017

Closing reflection provided by Pat

Next meeting Snacks:

Next Meeting Location:  location to be determined

minutes for may, 2017

Christ the Servant Catholic Church

Board Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2017

Attendance:  Pat, Joan, Gord, John, Gary, Michele

Regrets:  Edie

Opening reflection provided by Joan.

Motion to accept the agenda and amended March minutes put forth by Gary, 2nd by  Joan, carried.

Financial Issues- March financial documents were reviewed. The church has a small surplus.   CtS received a thank you letter from the Scott Mission.   Horizons forwarded their newsletter with a focus on the Guatemalan efforts.  They will be coming in June to speak to the congregation.  A thank you card was received from Beginnings for the donation from the Sunrise Service. Responsibility for the web page has been taken over by Rick and he is working to have it up and  fully functional soon. He has redesigned it.    The Outdoor Service is scheduled for July 16th, with a rain date is the 23rd. (Michele will put on the Annual Calendar and send May/June to Rick to put on webpage). (Gary is to contact Henry and Joanna to confirm dates) The Year End Report will be presented May 7.  Horizons of Friendship have indicated that June 4th would be the optimum date for presenting to CtS.  Library tote contents have been compromised and will be disposed of.  (Joan to work with Glen).

Update on Current Church Projects:  Michele had nothing new to note on hospitality. Don informed the Board that Neighbour Link was closing.  Joan updated that the last Greenwood dinner was phenomenal.  People were commenting on the quality and quantity of food. Next dinner will be August 2nd and November 29th. Parishioner contact list changes have been made.  All retiring Board members must submit their Board handbooks and parishioner contact lists back to the Board before retirement.

New Business:  Gary circulated the new CtS clergy schedule.  Golden Plough Services are going to reviewed and CtS participation will be scaled back accordingly.  Board meeting dates can be flexible and not necessarily held the 1st Monday of the month.  Dates will be established that promote premium attendance. Hamilton Township have requested that the cupboard upstairs in storage  be moved permanently to provide access through the door to the attic. Glen will move cupboard accordingly.   The Board has received a letter of resignation from Val in the capacity of bookkeeper.  We thank Val for her hard work over the years and her dedication to this position.  Val will submit the records back to the Board.

Pastor’s Report -Good Friday Community Service was reviewed by the Ministerial Association.  Timing was the only drawback, need for greater space between service to allow for people to exit parking lots before next service participants arrive. Approximately $8,600 dollars was donated and distributed to the four-targeted youth sponsoring organizations.    Sunrise Service was great, $500 was donated and proceeds went to Beginnings.  Ministerial is looking into a 150th prayer service utilizing prayers from the past.  More to come on this event.

Next Meeting Date:  June 12th, 2017 at Dimitri’s

Closing reflection provided by John.

minutes for june, 2017

Christ the Servant Catholic Church

Board Meeting Minutes June 12, 2017

Attendance: Gord, Joan, Pat, John, Edith, Michele Gary


Opening reflection provided by Michele

Motion to accept the amended agenda and the May 1st, 2017 minutes put forth by Edith, 2nd by Joan, carried.

Financial Issues: The Board reviewed April and May financial reports. The Church has carried a small surplus for the past five months. Financial requests were received from Horizons of Friendship, Adeline Children’s Summer Camp(Cornerstone), Christian Children’s Fund (donations matched 5:1).  Motion made to donate $678 to fund a health clinic through Horizons of Friendship by Edith, 2nd by Joan, carried. Motion to donate $500 do Adeline Children’s Summer Camp, motioned by Michele, 2nd by Edie, carried.

Business Arising from past minutes: Rick has redesigned the webpage.  There have been a couple of minor issues which have been rectified and the site is now operational.  “Catholic” is to be added to the Main Bar of our Name on the site.   Homilies have not been forwarded to either Michele or Rick, and past homilies are not accessible.  Gary will forward what homilies he has, request to Peter for his. We will ask Rick to make the homilies available.   To meet accessibility features all type should be Arial font, this is being done.  Web page should have accessibility statement explaining that the church services are held in a building that meets regulations for accessibility and the services themselves are accessible by way of projection as well as verbally, enhanced by microphone.

Creation Service is scheduled for July 16th at Fifth Winds Farm on Timlin Road in Cold Springs. Rain date: July 23rd.  Service will begin at 10:30 and will be followed by a potluck.  This is a litterless event.  Participants will be reminded to bring their own plates, cutlery, glass/cup, and lawn chair.  Motion to donate $100.00 made by Michele, 2nd by Edith, carried.

Update on Current Church Projects:  Joan updated the Board on the next Greenwood Dinner hosted by CtS will be August 2nd, Joan will prepare a sign-up sheet for foods needed.  Michele noted there was nothing new in hospitality.  Joan has not used money allocated for the Greenwood Coalition dinners to date.  For the August dinner, hams will be purchased sufficient to feed 100 people and reimbursed through the Board utilizing these funds accumulated. Hospitality usually breaks for summer with no scheduled volunteers.  In the past couple of years, members have chosen to continue through the summer on their own. This will continue as members are available.  The Board needs to revise the Parishioner Contact List, Permission List. This is to be completed prior to September. Edith has taken over bookkeeping duties from Val on a temporary basis.  The church, on recommendation by our Comptroller, has many deposit clerks to handle church money.  Money will be counted in pairs offsite by the teams.  Joan to go in to bank to have her name removed as a signing officer and Edie will be instilled as a signing officer.  We currently have 3 signing officers.  Thirteen congregational surveys have been received to date.  Due date for surveys to be returned is July 2nd.  Questions have received about private donations to the Church for specific purposes not involving charities.  The Board will work on criteria for private donations in accordance with Canada Revenue regulations.  Michele will ask Gerard for clarification.  Discussion over the performance of the computer and the problems that have occurred in running multi-programs, such as music in co-ordination with visual for hymns have led to the need to replace the current one.  Motion to purchase a new gaming/media streaming type laptop put forward by Gord, 2nd by John, carried. Rick to provide details and cost estimates to the Board for an email vote.

Gary presented a ministerial report.    Ecumenical prayer service July 1st at 8-9p.m. at Pentecostal Camp.  All are welcome.  Mental health first aid training service is to be held November 7th  & 8th , at Church on the Hill.  It would be nice to send a representative from CtS.  Discussion at the Ministerial over Assisted Suicide.  Members of the congregation expressed support and approval for offering alternative music supports and guest speakers this past Sunday.  The CtS ministerial team will look at further refining some of the post communion prayers in September.    Gary introduced a “Prayer Hunt’ program that he and Nancy have been brainstorming.  They would like to introduce it as a retreat to be held, separate from church service, perhaps on a Saturday with a food component.  Prayer group will spring forward from this event. Discussion over Gary furthering his spiritual education through participation in a conference (to be determined) (Church growth or Human Trafficking). Details of conference to be provided at the September meeting.  Motion to approve Pastor participation in professional development event at no cost to CtS, (Gary donation) made by Edie, 2nd by Gord, carried.

Remembering Service, a service to remember those of the CtS family who have passed on will be planned again for this year. Date to be determined.



Next Meeting Date:  September 11th, 2017

Next Meeting Location:  to be determined

Closing prayer provided by Edie

minutes for july, 2017

Minutes to be added

minutes for august, 2017

Minutes to be added

minutes for september, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes Sept. 25, 2017

Attendance: Gary, Pat, Joan, Michele

Regrets: Edie

Opening reflection provided by Pat.

Motion to accept the amended agenda and the June 12th, 2017 minutes put forth by Gary, 2nd by Joan, carried.

Financial Issues: The Board reviewed August financial reports. The Church continues to carry a small surplus. One GIC investment has been re-invested for another year.  We have received several requests for financial support.  One local request came from Youth Unlimited, who are running a few after school programs focusing on Musical Theatre, Youth Concert Band, and Instrumental Class.  Motion to support this venture by offering a scholarship to each of the programs by Gary, 2nd by Michele, carried. Total cost to the church is $180.00.

Business Arising from past minutes: A new computer was purchased for church services and other church purposes.  The Mental Health Commission of Canada are running a two-day workshop at the Church on the Hill November 7 & 8th, 9-4 to deal with signs, symptoms, and intervention.  The Board will announce this at Sunday Service and see if there is any interest in the congregation for a member to attend.  Fee is $100 per person to be paid by CTS.  Michele to talk to Rick about webpage and updating to include links.  The Congregational Survey has been handed out or emailed to parishioners along with a Summary Report showing amendments 9,10 and 11 to the Constitution.  The Board will ask the Congregation if they would like to sit down to discuss any concerns they may have.  An updated parishioner contact list has been drawn up.  Michele to update permission list.

Update on Current Church Projects:  Joan updated the Board on the next Greenwood Dinner hosted by CtS will be November 29th. Approximately 90 people attended the last dinner.   Michele noted members of the hospitality ministry would prefer not to have scheduled days and assist as needed. They have also indicated that they would request that potlucks only be scheduled every couple of months.  Next potluck October 22nd. Bread for the World Sunday October 15th to be performed by Nancy, homily by Peter and use of Naan bread for communion. Meal in a Bag is only being done by CTS.  Participation has been down over summer months.  Feedback from the Salvation Army is positive, people ask for the church bags.  Visitation feedback is positive.  Anne has been visiting two members of the church.    Memorial Meal in a Bag updates.


New Issues-  suggestion from a parishioner to look at possible alternative church locations more central Cobourg/Port Hope Areas.  Board will appoint a parishioner(s) to investigate possibilities with criteria provided by the Board. Michele will start a list and forward to Board members for ideas.  Job performance reviews were discussed.  Reviews to be completed and submitted to the Board for evaluation no later than the November Board meeting.  2018 contracts signing deadline is December 31, 2017.

Gary reported there was nothing new at the Interfaith Ministerial Meeting.  At the Cobourg Christian Network, Christian Horizons made a presentation of their works.  Three families are coming from Eqypt, sponsored by Better Together, which CTS is a supporter.  Gary will arrange for Gloria Peters, from Better Together to come to our service and do a presentation.  Cobourg DBIA in conjunction with UCB (United Christian Broadcasting) are having a Christmas Market November 24-26th.  Information on this will follow and be presented as it becomes available.  Salvation Army truck pickups have been discontinued.  Alternative arrangements are being investigated.  They are looking to hire a Co-ordinator for program services, including the Kettle Program run by Anuel Pond, as he has retired.  The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 133, Cenotaph Service is November 11th, at 11a.m.  The annual parade along King Street will take place ahead of the service.  All are reminded to attend.  The upcoming Christmas Service was discussed and is to be held on the Sunday, December 24th.  The Board will ask the congregation if they would like the service to coincide with Sunday services or be held in lieu of Sunday service later in the day.  Memorial flowers for the CTS memorial service need to be ordered.  Michele will email Mary to see if she can pick up for October 22nd.  This date coincides with the requested memorial for Brigid Morris. Nancy will be presiding over the Thanksgiving service.    Parishioners are reminded to bring in something you’re thankful for.  Bread for the World Sunday will be October 15th.  Canadian Food Grains Project- they donate hats, hoodies, etc. to be made available for donations at church.  Funds raised go to “bank” for Canadian and worldwide food purchases and distribution for needs.  Gary to provide a copy of a volunteer police check for Board records.

The Board will look at inviting Nancy to the next meeting, during the day of October 23rd, pending approval from Board members on that date.


Next Meeting Date:  October 23, 2017, 10 a.m. (to be confirmed)

Closing prayer provided by Joan

minutes for october, 2017

Minutes to be added

minutes for november, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes November 13, 2017

Attendance: Gary, Joan, Edie, Pat, Michele


Opening reflection provided by Michele

Motion to accept the amended agenda and October minutes put forth by Edie, 2nd by Joan, carried.

Financial Issues:

1. September/ October financial documents were reviewed.  The Board discussed lower summer revenues due to vacation absences and a rebound in the Fall months as parishioners return from cottages and vacations.  The new computer purchase has been processed under Liturgical Supplies, Pat to check with Gerard as to re-expensing this as an asset.  CtS showing a small surplus for year. Don will contact a local bank about reducing bank fees on our account.

2. Church Finances-Pat and Michele will meet with Gerard regarding the financial statements and expenditures. Members of the Board will compile a list of ongoing essential expenses and look at ways to offset costs. Discussion over compensation for lay persons performing church services in the absence of ordained priest/ministers/deacon resulted in following the direction of previous Boards in stipends will be disbursed only to professional ministerial members. The rationale behind this decision is that there are many who volunteer their time and expertise in the various ministries and all contributions are valued and appreciated.  Discussion over compensation for webpage maintenance for a member of the congregation may contravene conflict of interest rules as well as fall under the same umbrella as laypersons performing services, bookkeeper, secretary, homilists, who perform these various services as volunteers.  Michele and Pat to discuss conversation with Rick.  When donating funds for memorial wreath, cheque needs to specify which location, (Col Springs).  Edie to put as a footnote in the cheque book.

3. Financial Requests-Scott Mission have requested sponsorship of 36 people to receive a Holiday Meal for $153.00.  Yonge Street Mission requested $198.00 to feed 45.   Canadian Food Grains Bank are supporting Rohingya Refugees, with the government matching now topped up at a 6:1 ratio. Motion to donate $200.00 to Canadian Food Grains Bank and $153.00 to Scott Mission put forth by Michele, 2nd Gary, carried.  Edie to send a cheque to both organizations.

Business Arising from past minutes:

1. A new Computer was purchased for ongoing church services.  The rationale for this purchase was to allow more depth of use of video presentation, audio enhancement and coordination as the old computer could not perform these functions well.  The old computer on loan to Chairperson.

2. Pat attended the Mental Health First Aid Course.  30 people attended.  Course was informational and beneficial.  Pat indicated that the skills learned can be used to aid parishioners going through difficult times.

3. Michele provided an update on the webpage to date.  Comments have been received on shortcomings as well as positive feedback.  Michele and Pat to meet with Rick after church service to review the progress and provide the feedback and suggestions from parishioners.  The Board also received suggestion to drop the word Catholic from its name.  There was discussion as to whether this could be officially done as it is part of our registered name.

4. The Congregational survey results were tabulated and a summary with all comments was compiled along with changes to the Constitution through Bylaws 9-11.  These were distributed via email and hard copies to all current members of Christ the Servant.  There has been very little comment about the results by the congregation.  The Board did inform the congregation that should parishioners want, a discussion session would be arranged to field any further feedback.  Members will be polled by way of secret vote to see if there is any interest in doing this. Michele to make up ballots.

5. Updates are being made to the Parishioner Contact and Permission Lists.  Most of forms have been returned.  Members will be reminded to send in their information at this Sunday’s service.

6. Michele prepared a draft criterion for looking at alternate service locations as the result of parishioner(s) suggestions for a venue more central to Cobourg/Port Hope area.  Gary and Peter will investigate possibilities based on the criteria provided.

Update on Current Church Projects:

1. The CtS hosted Greenwood Dinner is set for November 29th.  Joan has brought a sign-up sheet to Sunday service for members to sign up for donations.  CtS will be providing the meats for this event.

2. Michele updated that there has been no change to the hospitality ministry.  The next potluck may be scheduled for our Happy Birthday Jesus/Christmas celebration pending the congregations’ decision on the service(s). Michele raised concerns about carrying totes and goods up and down the stairs. Concern over musty smells were raised.  These can be addressed with silica pouches and non-fragrant odour eaters.  As the library has been disbanded, we will try storing the dry goods for hospitality under the stage.

3. The Meal in a Bag numbers have declined over the years.  The total bags donated since our participation began is 1,415, with an average cost per bag of $8.00, translates into approximately $11,320.00 in food being donated over the past 7 years.  The Salvation Army is very appreciative of CtS support and participants in their program are very receptive our Meal in Bags and frequently request them.  After some discussion, it was felt that the church would like to continue this program.  Parishioners and Board members have requested reminders to spur interest and encourage members to bring in their bags.

4. Anne is handling visitation of the Sick, with one current member being visited in hospital.


New Issues:

1. Job Performance Reviews are due to be completed, compiled, and presented at the December meeting.  Parishioner comments from the survey will included as part of the review.   The blank forms will be emailed to all Board members to allow time for thought before completing.  Michele or Pat will email these. Gary will meet with Nancy and provide the Board with her evaluation at the December meeting.

2. 2018 Contracts are due to be signed by January 1st, 2018.

3. Advent Conspiracy for 2017 will focus on 10 percent of donations being sent to Fenlon Falls/Kawartha Mission, supporting remote 1st Nation communities. This will address the monetary support of giving.  CtS will also participate in the Northumberland County Campaign to “Fill a Purse” drive. New or gently used purses are to be filled with practical items, such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary products, etc.  The purses will be donated to local women's shelters and organizations from Port Hope to Brighton and distributed to our friends in need through Saint Vincent de Paul in conjunction with our Xmas programs. We also hope to donate and distribute to our friends at the Salvation Army and Greenwood Coalition for poverty.  Michele will prepare an email to go out to parishioners with more information on the program.

4. Survey of Regulatory Compliance Costs was received from Statistics Canada and has been referred to Gerard to complete.

5. Sound Board-The music ministry have brought it to the Board’s attention that the sound board is failing fast. Long and McQuaid were contacted as to providing an estimate to repair and due to the age of the equipment, it was recommended to be replaced.  As music and audibility are key to our services, the Board supports the purchase of a new sound board at a cost of $430+HST.  Motion to approve the purchase put forth by Joan, 2nd by Edie, carried.  Michele will let Marilyn know the decision and ask her to complete the purchase.

Pastor’s Report:

1. Gary reported that the Ministerial there was not much news pertaining to CtS at the Meeting.  Prayer for Canada at the Pentecostal Camp was held and well attended this past summer.  Karen, the Chaplain at the Golden Plough has asked for prayers for palliative care residents.  Golden Plough Services will be provided the 1st Sunday for December and January.  Assisted Suicide was discussed with concerns being raised on an increase of requests locally and from a broader arena of reasons.  We are encouraged to pray over this area.

2. Advent planning is underway.  Because Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, parishioners will be polled as to whether they would like both the standard Sunday Service and a Christmas Eve Service later that day, a single service encompassing both the regular and Christmas Eve celebration, and a choice of times.  The result of the vote will impact the decision, in consideration with the availability of the music ministry.  The times being offered are 10:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Michele to email the polling as well as print hard copies for those unable to use email before Sunday service as the Hall needs to be booked.  Gary will be meeting with Nancy for further preparations.

Next Meeting Date:  December 11, 2017

Next Meeting Location: C. J’s if available.

Closing prayer provided by Edie.

minutes for december, 2017

Board Meeting December 11, 2017

Attendance: Gary, Joan, Edie, Pat, Michele


Opening reflection provided by Joan

Motion to accept the amended agenda, the amended September minutes to include the Advent Conspiracy recipients, projects, and the November minutes put forth by Gary, 2nd by Edie, carried.

Financial Issues:

The November financial documents were discussed. There is a small deficit to date.  Pat and Michele will have met with Gerard regarding the financial statements and expenditures. Several options were discussed about operating costs.  Gerard/Michele will bring the matter to the congregation to explain a favourable option and seek their support. Pat compiled a list of ongoing essential expenses and categorized them for to make the bookkeeping function easier. A job description is to be drawn up to clarify the bookkeeping function.  The Charity Fund receipts and disbursements were looked at.  There is remaining money in the 2017 fund of approximately $400.  The Board agreed that this money should be allocated in the same year as received.  We received a letter from Transition House requesting funds and explaining the problem of homelessness in Northumberland County.  Michele motioned that we re-allocate the Advent Conspiracy money collected in December through our normal collections to Transition House for immediate needs for homelessness, 2nd by Gary, carried.  This is to be announced at the next Sunday service.  Our original choice of Fenlon Falls/Kawartha Mission, supporting remote 1st Nation communities, will be carried over into the new year, as their need will be ongoing.  The Board will look at ways support the Mission.  The $400.00 remaining in the Charity fund will be donated to the Salvation Army Cobourg Branch to help offset some costs of addressing homelessness in our community as the need is double their budget so far.  Edie motioned this, 2nd by Joan, carried.  Edie to prepare cheques. A gift card will be purchased in the amount of $100.00 to assist a local family from a parishioner donation honouring their request.

Business Arising from past minutes:

Peter and Gary will consider alternative church locations in and around the Cobourg/Port Hope area.  Criteria was drawn up based on our current arrangements and a timeline drawn up to June 2018.   Gerard is handling the Survey of Regulatory Compliance Costs.  Pat and Michele met with Rick to discuss updates, parishioner suggestions and revisions to the webpage.  Rick is willing to continue as technical director and will manage the operations of the webpage working with the Board.  He, very generously has donated his time and expertise, which we are very thankful.  As only about half of the permission sheets/contact information has been received to date, a new list has not been drawn up.  Michele will address the matter with the congregation and seek to get everyone’s information up to date within the next couple of weeks.    The new sound board and computer are up and running and enhancing our services.

Update on Current Church Projects:

The CtS hosted Greenwood Dinner was a success.  Joan spent approximately $145 for meats and the dinner fed about 90+ people.  Dates for 2018 are set at January 17, April 18, August 15, and November 21st, 2018.  Michele updated the Board as Advent-Conspiracy Raffle for the Manger Scene has begun.  In John and Josephine’s absence Lawrence, Gayl joined Gord to prepare a stable scene for the St. Bonaventure fundraising.  Tickets will be offered at $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 donation.  This is an inhouse venture and not open to the public. The draw will take place December 31st, after mass.  Pauline has offered a 2nd and 3rd prize. The Fill a Purse for a Sister initiative saw 17 filled purses being donated to assist women in need.   Michele has ordered the note cards featuring the artwork of our Josephine. These have been received. They will be offered in a 5-pack grouping for a donation to St. Bonaventure’s Mixed School, in Rongo, Kenya.  Cost of the venture was just over $146.00.  The next potluck is scheduled for our Happy Birthday Jesus/Christmas celebration.

New Issues:

Job Performance Reviews are completed for the Pastor. Gary will meet with Nancy and provide the Board with her evaluation by Sunday, December 17th.  2018 Contracts are due to be signed by January 1st, 2018.  Pat and Michele will meet with Gary to facilitate his review shortly.

Pastor’s Report:

Gary was unable to attend the Ministerial meeting this month due to a personal commitment.   In communication with other members, not much has changed.  Prayer group is going well.  The Ministerial team is working at expanding delivery of services.  They are considering focussing on developing spirituality through retreats, etc.  Comments from the survey suggest assisting the congregation with a better understanding of both the gospel and bible and the need to relate them to their lives.  Gary and Nancy will look into this.

Next Meeting Date:  January 8th, 2018?

Next Meeting Location: t.b.d.

Closing prayer provided by Pat.

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