board minutes 2018

minutes for january, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes

 Monday January 15, 2018


Attendance: Pat, Edie Gary, Joan & Michele



Opening reflection provided by Edie


Motion to accept the amended agenda and the December 11, 2018, minutes put forth by Gary, 2nd   Edie, carried.

   Financial Issues: Pat and Michele met with Gerard to review the year.  Gerard assures us that we remain in a good financial position moving forward.  Transition House remains closed at this time. Funds from our Advent Conspiracy December donations amounted to $350.00. Motion to redirect funds from Transition House to the Salvation Army Housing fund by Michele, 2nd by Joan, carried. A thank you was received from Canadian Food Grains Bank, Youth Unlimited, and the Fill a Purse for a Sister, by the St. Vincent de Paul in Port Hope for donations. We received an update from Horizons of Friendship on the program we supported.

   Business Arising from past minutes: Alternative locations are being investigated closer to Cobourg/Port Hope. Pat is preparing a bookkeeping job description in conjunction with Edie.  The updated Congregation list and Permissions is almost complete.  Some members have been away and Michele and Pat will follow up with obtaining their information.  A copy of the Master List will be kept under lock at the church location.  2018 Contracts are being fine tuned and will be ready for signing by January 19, 2018.

   Update on Current Church Projects:   The Advent Conspiracy Fundraiser for St. Bonaventure raised $935.99 less the cost of $146.99 equalling 789.15 in total.  $171.15 came from the Nativity Scene in house raffle, $383.00 came from the Note Cards featuring Josephine’s artwork.  The balance came from personal donations.

    New Issues- 2018 Good Friday proposals are being considered and will be put before the congregation for a vote February 3, 2018.  Gary will address the reasoning behind last years’ participation. The Annual Calendar is being prepared and will be published in quarterly segments on the webpage and Facebook and will be updated as new events are planned.

   Pastors Report-Palms have been ordered. Hand palms -we may still have.  Seder service will be planned again for Holy Thursday sign up sheet to follow to bring food.  Prayer group feedback indicates that participants like the scriptural references.  Lent will focus on lesser known prophets with an introduction to each prophet.  New Year’s Eve resolution will be looked at from a spiritual perspective.  Michele to prepare a Lenten calendar again.  A Inclusive Mardi Gras Potluck will be held February 11th.  Our new Canadian families will be invited to participate. In case of inclement weather, the “rain” date will be February 18th.  Gloria Mathers from Better Together will be invited to speak to the congregation on the 1st Sunday of Lent.

    Next Meeting Date:  February  5th  10:00 at Pat’s.  Michele to provide snacks.

    Closing prayer provided by Michele

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