board minutes 2019

minutes for january 7, 2019

Attendance: Gary, Nancy, Joan, Edie, Pat, Michele

Opening reflection reading and prayer by Nancy.

Motion to accept the agenda and the amended December minutes put forth by Joan, 2nd   Edie, carried.

Financial Issues-December financial reports were reviewed. Annual report was also reviewed and were comparative and positive. Advent conspiracy funds amounted to $1346.40.  This is being sent to the Salvation Army for the Homelessness Project.  Donations to the Scott Mission were down significantly this year due to the Postal Strike.  2018 funds from the Charity fund have been dispensed to the charities on the December minutes.   No financial requests were received.


Business Arising from past minutes- Annual surveys have been collected. Responses were very positive.  Comments from the survey were discussed and considered.  Report will be presented to the congregation.  Discussion will continue with Music Ministry over timing and planning of resources and commitments as it pertains to events, funerals and outside requests. Chair person job description is completed and will be reviewed.  Nancy currently has no voting rights.  A suggestion was made in December to extend these rights.  This will go before the congregation for a vote. Michele reviewed both our webpage as well other churches and has been in contact with Rick. Suggestions will be sent to Rick.  Parishioner permissions are required before taking pictures by any one as they may not want photos taken.  Everyone will be reminded of this to avoid any problems.   A new alternative service location is being investigated.


Update on current Church Committees and Project- next Greenwood Coalition dinner is January 16th with casseroles.  Reminder emails will go out 1 ½ weeks before each dinner to congregation as requested. Dates for 2019 are:  April 24th, July 31st, October 23rd.  Hospitality dates for Potlucks will be Feb. 10 Brother/Sisterhood Sunday, Mar 3-Mardi Gras, April 19 Seder.  More information will be provided for these dates as they near.


New Issues – none currently.


Pastors Report - Lenten theme will continue with the Journey of Aslam. Gary will provide more information as Lent gets closer.  Next Ministerial Meeting is the 3rd week in January.  Planning for Good Friday Community Service underway.  CtS will decline Golden Plough Service participation at this time due to other outside commitments by our Ministries.

Closing prayer:  Courtesy of Gary


Next Meeting: Feb 7, 2019

minutes for february 10, 2019

Attendance: Pat, Gary, Edie, Joan, Nancy, Michele



Opening reflection reading and prayer courtesy of Pat.

Motion to accept the agenda and the minutes put forth by Edie, 2nd   Gary, carried.

Financial Issues-deferred to March meeting


Business Arising from past minutes- Annual survey summary complete and ready to present.  Copies of the survey results are available to parishioners.  The topic of providing a Deacon a vote on the Board was brought up at a previous meeting.  It is to be noted that this can only be done by amending the Constitution as rights and responsibilities were set out in the Constitution.  The Pastor has always had a voting right.  The current Pastor elected to not utilize this vote until this past year.  If this matter is to be carried further, the Board and the Congregation must consider that should we have more than one deacon, in the future, the same right would need to be extended to them as well.  At some point, in the future this could result in the clerical team gaining control of the Board which negates the intent of the Constitution and founding of CTS. The Board has taken this information under consideration.


Update on current Church Committees and Project- deferred to March meeting


New Issues -deferred to March meeting


Pastors Report -A venue for the Good Friday Community Service has not been established due to a previous commitment by the Best Western.  Other venue costs are preventative, and the committee are still working to find a suitable, affordable location, if possible.


Next Meeting: March 4th, 10:30 a.m. at Nancy’s home

minutes for march 4, 2019

Attendance: Edie, Pat, Nancy, Joan, Michele, Gary (via phone)



Opening reflection reading and prayer Pat.

Motion to accept the agenda and the February minutes put forth by Edie, 2nd by Joan, carried.

Financial Issues-Edie provided an update on monthly expenditures.  January financial documents were reviewed.  Financial requests were received from the Scott Mission, United Christian Broadcast, Ed’s House, Lifewater Canada, Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Dignity Freedom Network.  These items have been tabled.   The charity fund is being replenished at this time as all funds from 2018 have been exhausted.

Business Arising from past minutes – Michele provided a recap of the decision to not allow a Non-Director a vote on the Board as discussed at the February minutes.  Upstairs storage room - Pat/Mary are working to reorganize the room.


Update on current Church Committees and Project- Meal in A Bag is still working.  A suggestion to offer a change periodically to offer something different to help the Salvation Army Food Program.  Don to liaison with the S.A. to find out needs.  Brigid’s Circle working well, one Thursday a month is allocated to the Milk Bag Mat Day, Book Club will be on another, Craft Day, Prayer Reflection Day. Contact Andrea for more information.   Friday morning coffee at McDonalds at 10 a.m. and Dinner Friday Evening at 6 p.m. (different locations). All parishioners are welcome. Talk to Pauline for venues.


New Issues -Contact list is to be revised, dated and circulated amongst Board members. An organizational list is to be created recording where all church records are being held.  Concern has been raised after Board email contacts have been used to try and scam money from the church by unknowns.  Because they are a matter of public record, they may be misused by unscrupulous people.  Pat will contact Don to establish a new email address specifically for the Board Chair.


Pastors Report- The Good Friday Combined Service was cancelled at the Ministerial meeting, due to costs and lack of suitable location this year.  Church on the Hill invited CtS to their service on Good Friday.  A suggestion was made to have a shared service during summer at the Cobourg Bandshell.  This would not replace our own Outdoor Service. This will be discussed later.  Discussion over whether to join other churches for Good Friday.  The matter will be put before the Congregation for a consensus.  The three options:

a) Join with Church on the Hill for a service

b) Join with the other 3 churches for a community service -Salvation Army, Grace Church, Calvary Baptist Church.

c) Have our own service.


Funding requests:  Two local new Canadians (sponsored privately) funding has fallen short.  Gary to obtain more information. In the interim -he requested a gift card be sent.  CtS will pick up a $100 gift card for No Frills. Pat will pick up. A parishioner’s extended family member is going through a housing crisis and needs help. Marilyn will investigate and provide more information.

Lenten theme-Bread Sunday, Tea Sunday, Clothing Sunday, Celtic Sunday, New Canadian Sunday, Lamentation Sunday, Labyrinth Sunday. Michele to send an email reminding of clocks forward and ashes this Sunday.


Closing reflection –provide by Joan

Next Meeting:  April 1, 2019

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