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bulletin for january, 2018

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bulletin for february, 2018

Statement-To love God and to love people; and in response to that call, to be a loving, safe, spiritual home where the seeker is welcome to begin the road to spiritual growth, and where those who believe are supported to follow the path of Jesus and to mature in faith.  We join together to express our love of God through our service to others.  We are ordinary people joyously celebrating the opportunity to follow Jesus' radical message of unconditional love and to live the beatitudes.

** See website www.christtheservant.ca/ for full Statement of Faith.


Board Report- Pat and Michele met with Gerard to review the financial reports for the year.  CtS remains in a good financial position.  Transition House remains closed.  Funds from our Advent Conspiracy December donations originally targeted for Transition House will be re-designated to the Salvation Army Housing fund as they have stepped up to aid in the rehousing of the residents of Transition House. Thank your letters were received from the Canadian Food Grains Bank, Youth Unlimited, Fill a Purse for a Sister (St. Vincent de Paul, Port Hope) for donations we sent. Horizons of Friendship provided an update on the project we supported.  Alternative locations are being investigated closer to Cobourg/Port Hope.  Pat and Edie are preparing a bookkeeping guide/job description for the church.  The updated Congregation contact and permission list is about half way completed.  Some members are away, and we will update their information upon their return.  A copy of the master list will be kept with the church documentation at the hall for emergency contact.  2018 Contracts are being completed and will be signed by January 19, 2018.  The 2018 Advent Conspiracy fundraiser for St. Bonaventure raised a net total of $789.15.  Many thanks to Josephine for her fabulous artwork.  Good Friday 2018 proposals are being considered and will be put before the congregation for a vote February 3rd, 2018.  Gary will address the reasoning behind last years participation in the Community Service.  The Annual Calendar is being prepared and will be published quarterly on the webpage and Facebook.  New events will be added as information becomes available.  The Seder service will be planned again this year for Holy Thursday.  A sign-up sheet will follow for food.  Prayer group feedback indicates that participants like the scriptural references.  Lent will focus this year on lesser known prophets.  New Years resolutions will be looked at from a spiritual perspective.  A Lenten Calendar will be prepared again.  An inclusive Mardi Gras will be held February 11th, with a potluck luncheon to follow.  Our new Canadian families will be invited to participate.  Gary will look at inviting Gloria Mathers form Better Together to come and speak to the Congregation during Lent.


10 resolutions for 2018

1. To start each day with a “yes!” to my faith — and to my personal and public morality.  I want to start by saying yes to God’s love, yes to my allegiance to Jesus Christ, yes to my discipleship, which means that Jesus is Lord — against any other powers who think they have or should have absolute political authority. I want to say yes to engaged citizenship, civil discourse, service to what is right, and courageous resistance to what is wrong. I want my day to begin with a deeper “yes!”

2. To have the courage to say “no!” when that is required, wherever it is required. This includes the public arena, the political sphere, in the media and culture, in schools, in workplaces, and even in the church. It will mean sometimes saying no to fellow Christians, and possibly even to members of my own family, when they defend and support ideas and actions that are antithetical to the gospel. I will try to demand conversations in churches about our gospel values, and to hold political discussions in Christian communities accountable to those values.

3. To not wait to say “no,” or wait to stand in opposition to wrong and dangerous ideas and actions, until I see how others will respond. To not be among the last to react to breaches of moral and civic behavior, but to count the cost and show my commitment to justice by being one of the first.

4. To hold the Bible in one hand and the news in the other as I go through each day. I will try to hold public decisions and events accountable to what our Scriptures teach and demand of us. I will also hold our Charter close at hand, and try to hold political leaders accountable to that, too.

5. To better answer the biggest challenges of 2018 by acting on my faith, rather than reacting from my emotions. To respond to genuine outrages with deeper commitment, instead of cyclical anger; to respond to despair with action, instead of cynicism, to combat hatred with deeper love; and to counter feelings of hopelessness with decisions to act in hope, and optimism, because of my faith.

6. To see crisis as both danger and opportunity. And to always be attentive to both, in every situation.

7. To see evil and injustice as a call to go deeper. Deeper into the disciplines and practices of my faith; deeper into my relationships with allies and friends, especially across racial and religious lines; and deeper into my relationships to those who are most vulnerable and targeted by injustice.

8. To spend even more time with my family. Our children and grandchildren need to know what is going on, and how we and they can respond to it. I will try to explain things, and pray over things that happen in the world with them, not try to keep them from seeing or understanding dangerous things that are occurring. I will work to protect them by helping them interpret those things, and by assuring them that we will be together through it all.

9. To pray for particular people who will be playing critical roles in the outcomes of political events in this country. I commit to praying for the courage of press — including media reporters, broadcasters, columnists, editors, producers, and owners — that they would search earnestly and endlessly for the truth, and have the courage to print and tell it. I will pray for the judiciary to face the hardest questions with a commitment to the rule of law, more than the rule of politics. I will pray for the leaders in government at all levels, Our Scriptures instruct us to pray for our political leaders, so I will also try to pray for them.

10. To work and pray to grow in my trust of God, friends, CTS family and community. Even if life in tour world continues to spiral morally downward, I will try to trust in faith, hope, and love — to believe the greatest of these is love — and to be ready every day to act, by faith, in hope, upon what I believe.


Save The Date

All Inclusive Mardi Gras Sunday

February 11th, 10:30 am

Come Celebrate with us, bring your Mardi Gras Beads, Masks and Enthusiasm. Prepare for a lively celebration with lots of music.  Bring your kids, grandkids, family and friends.  Potluck luncheon to follow.  Don’t forget to bring your favourite dish-hot or cold and share with your church family.


Congregational Vote on Good Friday Service

Last year, Christ the Servant joined its sister churches in the community of Cobourg for a special Good Friday Service which was held at the Best Western.  As our Pastor belongs to the Ministerial Association along with other churches in our community, it was thought that an ecumenical service would expose and enlighten parishioners in sharing this profound day in church life with fellow Christian Churches.  This year, we are reaching out to our congregation to seek your input in deciding if we should again participate in this community service or if you would prefer to honour this day as a CTS only service.  Please give this some serious consideration.  Ballots are available from Michele and will be collected this Sunday and next.

Prayers:  Please keep Josephine and John in your prayers.  May they feel our love, and may Jesus give them strength and comfort in their journey.  Don’t forget to add your special prayer requests to our Book of Love each Sunday and let Michele know if you would like their names included in the bulletin.


Pastoral Ministry

We at Christ the Servant are a family.  If you notice someone missing, ill, lonely or in need from our congregation, please let Anne McLaren know. She is the contact person for this ministry.  naneen@hotmail.ca 905-372-2850


V Meal in A Bag-Mark your calendar to remember to bring your bag to church.


Lenten Focus

Who are the lesser known prophets?

Hosea    Nahum

Joel    Habakkuk

Amos    Zephaniah

Obadiah    Haggai

Jonah    Zechariah

Micah    Malachi


Internet Resources to introduce these prophets:






Paper Resources:  Your Christian Bible

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