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bulletin for january, 2018

Homily to be added

bulletin for february, 2018

Statement-To love God and to love people; and in response to that call, to be a loving, safe, spiritual home where the seeker is welcome to begin the road to spiritual growth, and where those who believe are supported to follow the path of Jesus and to mature in faith.  We join together to express our love of God through our service to others.  We are ordinary people joyously celebrating the opportunity to follow Jesus' radical message of unconditional love and to live the beatitudes.

** See website www.christtheservant.ca/ for full Statement of Faith.


Board Report- Pat and Michele met with Gerard to review the financial reports for the year.  CtS remains in a good financial position.  Transition House remains closed.  Funds from our Advent Conspiracy December donations originally targeted for Transition House will be re-designated to the Salvation Army Housing fund as they have stepped up to aid in the rehousing of the residents of Transition House. Thank your letters were received from the Canadian Food Grains Bank, Youth Unlimited, Fill a Purse for a Sister (St. Vincent de Paul, Port Hope) for donations we sent. Horizons of Friendship provided an update on the project we supported.  Alternative locations are being investigated closer to Cobourg/Port Hope.  Pat and Edie are preparing a bookkeeping guide/job description for the church.  The updated Congregation contact and permission list is about half way completed.  Some members are away, and we will update their information upon their return.  A copy of the master list will be kept with the church documentation at the hall for emergency contact.  2018 Contracts are being completed and will be signed by January 19, 2018.  The 2018 Advent Conspiracy fundraiser for St. Bonaventure raised a net total of $789.15.  Many thanks to Josephine for her fabulous artwork.  Good Friday 2018 proposals are being considered and will be put before the congregation for a vote February 3rd, 2018.  Gary will address the reasoning behind last years participation in the Community Service.  The Annual Calendar is being prepared and will be published quarterly on the webpage and Facebook.  New events will be added as information becomes available.  The Seder service will be planned again this year for Holy Thursday.  A sign-up sheet will follow for food.  Prayer group feedback indicates that participants like the scriptural references.  Lent will focus this year on lesser known prophets.  New Years resolutions will be looked at from a spiritual perspective.  A Lenten Calendar will be prepared again.  An inclusive Mardi Gras will be held February 11th, with a potluck luncheon to follow.  Our new Canadian families will be invited to participate.  Gary will look at inviting Gloria Mathers form Better Together to come and speak to the Congregation during Lent.


10 resolutions for 2018

1. To start each day with a “yes!” to my faith — and to my personal and public morality.  I want to start by saying yes to God’s love, yes to my allegiance to Jesus Christ, yes to my discipleship, which means that Jesus is Lord — against any other powers who think they have or should have absolute political authority. I want to say yes to engaged citizenship, civil discourse, service to what is right, and courageous resistance to what is wrong. I want my day to begin with a deeper “yes!”

2. To have the courage to say “no!” when that is required, wherever it is required. This includes the public arena, the political sphere, in the media and culture, in schools, in workplaces, and even in the church. It will mean sometimes saying no to fellow Christians, and possibly even to members of my own family, when they defend and support ideas and actions that are antithetical to the gospel. I will try to demand conversations in churches about our gospel values, and to hold political discussions in Christian communities accountable to those values.

3. To not wait to say “no,” or wait to stand in opposition to wrong and dangerous ideas and actions, until I see how others will respond. To not be among the last to react to breaches of moral and civic behavior, but to count the cost and show my commitment to justice by being one of the first.

4. To hold the Bible in one hand and the news in the other as I go through each day. I will try to hold public decisions and events accountable to what our Scriptures teach and demand of us. I will also hold our Charter close at hand, and try to hold political leaders accountable to that, too.

5. To better answer the biggest challenges of 2018 by acting on my faith, rather than reacting from my emotions. To respond to genuine outrages with deeper commitment, instead of cyclical anger; to respond to despair with action, instead of cynicism, to combat hatred with deeper love; and to counter feelings of hopelessness with decisions to act in hope, and optimism, because of my faith.

6. To see crisis as both danger and opportunity. And to always be attentive to both, in every situation.

7. To see evil and injustice as a call to go deeper. Deeper into the disciplines and practices of my faith; deeper into my relationships with allies and friends, especially across racial and religious lines; and deeper into my relationships to those who are most vulnerable and targeted by injustice.

8. To spend even more time with my family. Our children and grandchildren need to know what is going on, and how we and they can respond to it. I will try to explain things, and pray over things that happen in the world with them, not try to keep them from seeing or understanding dangerous things that are occurring. I will work to protect them by helping them interpret those things, and by assuring them that we will be together through it all.

9. To pray for particular people who will be playing critical roles in the outcomes of political events in this country. I commit to praying for the courage of press — including media reporters, broadcasters, columnists, editors, producers, and owners — that they would search earnestly and endlessly for the truth, and have the courage to print and tell it. I will pray for the judiciary to face the hardest questions with a commitment to the rule of law, more than the rule of politics. I will pray for the leaders in government at all levels, Our Scriptures instruct us to pray for our political leaders, so I will also try to pray for them.

10. To work and pray to grow in my trust of God, friends, CTS family and community. Even if life in tour world continues to spiral morally downward, I will try to trust in faith, hope, and love — to believe the greatest of these is love — and to be ready every day to act, by faith, in hope, upon what I believe.


Save The Date

All Inclusive Mardi Gras Sunday

February 11th, 10:30 am

Come Celebrate with us, bring your Mardi Gras Beads, Masks and Enthusiasm. Prepare for a lively celebration with lots of music.  Bring your kids, grandkids, family and friends.  Potluck luncheon to follow.  Don’t forget to bring your favourite dish-hot or cold and share with your church family.


Congregational Vote on Good Friday Service

Last year, Christ the Servant joined its sister churches in the community of Cobourg for a special Good Friday Service which was held at the Best Western.  As our Pastor belongs to the Ministerial Association along with other churches in our community, it was thought that an ecumenical service would expose and enlighten parishioners in sharing this profound day in church life with fellow Christian Churches.  This year, we are reaching out to our congregation to seek your input in deciding if we should again participate in this community service or if you would prefer to honour this day as a CTS only service.  Please give this some serious consideration.  Ballots are available from Michele and will be collected this Sunday and next.

Prayers:  Please keep Josephine and John in your prayers.  May they feel our love, and may Jesus give them strength and comfort in their journey.  Don’t forget to add your special prayer requests to our Book of Love each Sunday and let Michele know if you would like their names included in the bulletin.


Pastoral Ministry

We at Christ the Servant are a family.  If you notice someone missing, ill, lonely or in need from our congregation, please let Anne McLaren know. She is the contact person for this ministry.  naneen@hotmail.ca 905-372-2850


V Meal in A Bag-Mark your calendar to remember to bring your bag to church.


Lenten Focus

Who are the lesser known prophets?

Hosea    Nahum

Joel    Habakkuk

Amos    Zephaniah

Obadiah    Haggai

Jonah    Zechariah

Micah    Malachi


Internet Resources to introduce these prophets:






Paper Resources:  Your Christian Bible


bulletin for february 5, 2018

Attendance: Gary, Pat, Edie, Michele, Nancy


Regrets: Joan


Opening reflection provided by Gary.


Motion to accept the agenda and the amended January 2018 minutes put forth by Gary, 2nd by Edie, carried.

Pastors Report-Ministerial Meetings-Government summer grants must be based on Charter of Rights and Freedom, but they added questioning requiring the acceptance of abortion.  This came up as a discussion among the churches which pose concerns that personal beliefs may be compromised to secure a job.  Salvation Army is focusing on homelessness, have purchased a truck to enable supplying outreach. Gary will be resigning from one of the Associations and has asked to be removed from their mailing list.  Preparations are underway for the Mardi Gras Sunday.  Glenn will be providing music and direction. It has been brought to our attention that a couple of local families are struggling to pay winter heating bills, motion to provide $50 gift cards to each of four families put forth by Michele, 2nd by Edie, carried.  Gary will purchase and distribute these. Lent Update- Gary and Nancy are working on the format for Lent of the Lesser Known Prophets.  This year the congregation will vote on participating in an ecumenical service with other churches.  The Good Friday Proposal-Gary will send an introduction via email to everyone. Voting will take place on the 1st Sunday of Lent.


Financial Issues: The Board reviewed Year to October financial reports. Advent Conspiracy Fund Donations- $350.00 + 10% =? (Edie to provide 10%)was collected from the Advent Conspiracy for the Salvation Army Homelessness Program.  Financial Request-covered under $50 gift cards.


Business Arising from past minutes: Pat provided a draft bookkeeping job description. Board members to provide any additional information to complete this.  Alternative church locations-Pat and Gary to meet.  Michele circulated the updated congregation contact list.  Some members still need to update their information.   Michele will continue to contact the parishioners who have not completed their forms.

Update on Current Church Projects:  Michele will be composing a new Lenten calendar with positive challenges, goals and with reference to the lesser known Prophets.


New Issues- A member brought forward the need for a reminder on the Greenwood Coalition Dinner to be sent before the date.  May 27th Service will not be held at Cold Springs Hall due to advanced polling.  Edie and Pat have both volunteered to host.  Pat’s is more accessible for washroom access.  Gary suggested the United Church in Cold Springs might be available.  Deferred to next meeting. Outdoor Service in July to be discussed at next meeting.  Possible date: July 22nd with rain date July 29th.  Gary to perform Charlie’s baptism on May 13th (Mother’s Day).


Next Meeting Date:  March 5, 2018 10:30 a.m.   Nancy to bring snacks

Closing prayer provided by Edie



bulletin for march 5, 2018


Attendance: Pat, Edie, Joan, Michele, Nancy

Regrets: Gary

Opening reflection provided by Pat.

Motion to accept the amended agenda and the February minutes put forth by Edie, 2nd Joan, carried.

Pastors Report-Nancy informed the Board that the Prayer Group is going well.  They are following the Worship in the Wilderness program.  Seder Service is planned for Holy Thursday, March 29th, Michele to book hall for 6pm to allow set up.  Sunrise service will be held at Cobourg Beach at 7 a.m.  Parishioners have requested that Mark Cameron return to speak to the congregation about supporting the Seeds for Syria initiative.  His group will be paired with McKenzie seeds in this project.  Nancy suggested to do this as an Easter project.

Financial Issues: The Board reviewed year end financial reports as well as those from January and February.  Edie is working on an update to the Board about the Advent Conspiracy fund amounts.  We received a thank you from Youth Unlimited and the Salvation Army for donations.  A financial request came in from the Scott Mission to sponsor a table for Easter dinner.  Motion to support sponsoring a table at a cost of $153.00(support a meal for 36) by Michele, 2nd by Joan, carried. Edie to send cheque. The Board is supportive on the idea of an Easter drive to support the Seeds for Syria initiative.

Business Arising from past minutes: Pat provided the finished job description for the volunteer bookkeeping position.  Michele to look for past job descriptions created by past Boards. Pat met with Gary to discuss criteria for alternate locations for service. Pat made enquiries about the Williams Academy (Old West High School). The committee will be investigating more venues.   Michele is working on completing the updated congregation list, hoping it will be completed within the next week or two. Nancy suggested having an alternative contact should someone have health issues. This will be deferred to next meeting.  Michele to add Nancy to Board email list.  CtS will not be able to use the Hall on May 27th because of Election commitments.  Edie and Pat have offered to host the service.  The service will be held at Pat’s.  The Outdoor Service is scheduled for July 22nd, at 10:30 at Pat’s.

Update on Current Church Projects:   Joan informed the Board that the next Greenwood Coalition Dinner is April 18th.  Joan requested an email get sent out 2 weeks before to remind people.  The last dinner was a big success.


New Issues-  CtS were locked out of the Hall this past Sunday as the locks were changed and no new key was provided.  Only 1 key available. Michele will contact Sharon to see if we can obtain a second key.


Next Meeting Date:  April

Snacks to be provided by Joan

Closing prayer provided by Michele

bulletin for april 9, 2018

Attendance: Pat, Joan, Edie, Michele

Regrets: Gary/Nancy

Opening reflection provided by Joan.

Motion to accept the amended agenda and the March minutes put forth by Joan, 2nd  Edie, carried.

Pastors Report- no Ministerial representatives have been able to secure an appointment with our MP with regard to the issue of supporting the Charter of Freedom and Rights with regard to the issue of acceptance of abortion as a right to secure a job. The Ecumenical Good Friday Service was well attended and successful. Good Friday Services raised $ 13,376.65 plus a generous $10,000.00 donation from New Amherst Development with proceeds going to Salvation Army’s Homelessness Program and Easter Sunrise Service raised $244.30 to be donated to Beginnings.  Seder Service was attended by approximately 18 people.  Easter Sunday Service was successful and unique.  The children old and young enjoyed it.  Guest speakers are being arranged for June, including David Simpson, a member of the local First Nation’s Ojibway People and Gloria Peters from the Better Together Program.  May 27th service will be held at the Partridge’s. Gary will be away in Egypt, April 28th to May 9th.

Financial Issues: The Board reviewed March financial reports. No financial requests received.  The Advent Conspiracy total monies raised were $404.00 for the Salvation Army and $789.15 raised for St. Bonaventure Mixed School, Rongo, Kenya.

Business Arising from past minutes: The Congregation Contact and permission list is complete and has been circulated through the Board. This list is confidential and will only be used for Board purposes.  All copies must be returned to the Board upon a member leaving the Board and all electronic entries destroyed.  The alternative contact list was discussed.  It was felt that parishioners might not be receptive to giving out family or friends phone numbers for this purpose.  A request was made for a letter of authorization to be provided to a sub-committee member to pursue looking into a venue as an alternate location.  The Board did not feel that this was necessary as the member was only making enquiries about possibilities and that all ideas would be required to be vetted before the Board before negotiations could occur.

Update on Current Church Projects:   The next Greenwood Dinner is set for August 15th.  Next potluck is scheduled for April 22nd, with finger foods only.

New Issues-  The storage room needs reorganization and purging.  Mary has volunteered to look into this.   The old CTS computer will be repurposed for the Children’s program.

Next Meeting Date:  May 7th, 10:00a.m.  Snacks courtesy of Edie.

Closing prayer provided by Edie

bulletin for may 7, 2018

Attendance: Pat, Joan, Edie, Michele, Nancy

Regrets: Gary

Opening reflection provided by Nancy.

Motion to accept the amended agenda and the April amended minutes put forth by Joan, 2nd Edie, carried.

Pastors Report- The Murphy family requested that the Celebration of Life Service be centred on all mothers as we remember and celebrate Josephine’s life on Mother’s Day.  It will focus on kindness, love, and compassion. Arrangements are being made for the service.  Handouts will be available for those sitting in the lounge section.  The regular offertory will be delayed until the following week.  Donation/card baskets will be set up at the altar for convenience. Michele will make up a handout for St. Bonaventure’s Mixed School for the service.   MacCoubrey’s is handling the reception.  Hospitality will provide setup.  The May 27th service at the Partridge’s will be planned following Mother’s Day.

Financial Issues: Edie presented a recap of the month’s financials. The Board reviewed April financial reports. Gerard will review the bookkeeping procedures and practices regarding the “job description”. No new financial requests.  A parishioner brought forward a concern to the Board about the accumulation of goods stored that aren’t being used and the need for an inventory. The Board will continue to monitor expenditures accordingly.

Business Arising from past minutes: Pat spoke to the Director of Horizons of Friendship and was told that there will be a delegation of midwives coming from Guatemala that may be willing come and speak in June.  Gary will be asking Mark about speaking to the congregation on the Seeds for Syria.  Pat and Peter continue to look at different venues for service locations.  No new location has been found that would be suitable. They will be visiting another hall this coming week. Pat and Mary went through the storage area, purged and re-organized materials.   There is a surplus of materials that needs to be addressed.

Update on Current Church Projects:   The next Greenwood Dinner is set for August 15th.

New Issues-  The Celebration of Life for Josephine Murphy is set for Mother’s Day. Music has been set as well as the service in accordance with the family’s wishes.  Donations are to be made to either the Villa St. Joseph or Friends of St. Bonaventure’s.  There will be no collection during service.  Collections will be deferred to the following Sunday along with the distribution of baby bottles.

Next Meeting Date:  May 28th-   June Planning meeting 10:00 a.m., last meeting before summer-June 25 10:00a.m.

Closing prayer provided by Pat.


bulletin for may 28, 2018

Attendance: Gary, Joan, Edie, Pat, Michele

Regrets: Nancy

Opening reflection provided by Gary.

Motion to accept the amended agenda and the May 7th amended minutes put forth by Joan, 2nd Edie, carried.

Pastors Report- Mark Cameron speaking about Seeds, deferred to Fall. 2 speakers have been confirmed for June. Lakeshore Pentecostal is hosting a Rib fest in July.  They are also hosting a Music. Prayers for the Middle East continue and particularly for the BTRS.  families.

Financial Issues: An endowment from the Marwood Estate has been made to Christ the Servant.  No specific requests were made from Kathy as to it’s allocation.  The annual rental agreement came up for renewal.  Insurance is due for renewal in July.  Don is the CTS liaison for this.  Request to support the Adeline Bulger Children’s Fund to donate $500.00 by Joan, 2nd by Edie, carried.  Other financial requests deferred to future meetings.   Music license request for song usage to be given to Marilyn to record.

Business Arising from past minutes:  Alternative service locations were discussed.  No new suitable locations have been found. Grant Sine and Merwin Greer were mentioned as possibilities. Gary to investigate these two and contact the Trustee for more information.  The storage area has been reorganized more efficiently, thanks to Mary and Pat.  An inventory will be created for reference purposes.  Excess will be offered for donations.

Update on Current Church Projects:  Hospitality participation will be reviewed in the fall.  Next potluck not on schedule, will defer to Fall.  There will be no coffee/tea over the summer and only juice/lemonade will be available.  Greenwood Dinner food transportation was discussed.  More participation is needed to provide transportation of food to the Port Hope location. The next dinner is August 15th.  A sign-up sheet will be posted at church.

New Issues-  Visitation committee responsibility has fallen on one person who is now coping with some health issues.  A few suggestions of people who may be interested in re-forming the committee to visit members of the community were discussed.  Gary to approach members discussed to see if there is any interest in pursuing this.  A summer lunch program for the summer is looking for more support in providing lunches on a Tuesday and Thursday every week at local churches in Cobourg.  After much discussion, it is not a venture that we can commit to at this time, though very worthy, we do not have to numbers to effectively cover this venture.

Next Meeting Date:  June 25th at C.J’s for 11:30 a.m..

Closing prayer provided by Joan.

bulletin for june 25, 2018

Attendance: Nancy, Gary Joan, Edie, Pat, Michele

Regrets: none

Opening reflection provided by Edie

Motion to accept the amended agenda and the May minutes put forth by Joan, 2nd       Edie, carried.

Pastors Report-Ministerial meetings-each church prays for another church’s needs on a monthly basis.  Looking to investigate new inspiring service to avoid becoming static. Gary presented an annual clergy schedule, earmarking some special dates.  Funerals historically have been scheduled on Sundays for CTS because of hall issues and for availability of congregation. Feedback on the hosting of funerals on Sundays as well as “special Sundays, i.e. Mothers/Fathers Days” were received by the Board.  Discussion over positive and negative points were listed and the Board may include this on the annual survey to the congregation.

Financial Issues: The Board reviewed May financial reports. Rent is up slightly.  Michele to let the Township know that we will not be using the hall in July for the Outdoor Service.  Edie presented an update on the monthly expenditures.  CtS insurance documents received, no change in the premium or coverage.  Scott Mission sent out mailer for funding support and was received by Board.

Business Arising from past minutes: The search for an alternative service location continues.

Update on Current Church Projects:  Greenwood dinner scheduled for August 15.  CtS is serving cold buffet dishes.  A specific sign up sheet will be provided. More help is needed in the transportation sector. The legacy from Josephine Murphy’s funeral for St. Bonaventure’s was $935.00.

New Issues-  A survey will go out to the congregation in the Fall.  Michele will prepare a draft and circulate to the members of the Board for their input.  Included subjects are: guest speakers, funerals, alternate service location, etc.  All non-church sponsored materials are not to be placed on the front hall table.  Any non CtS items should be shown to Board members before placing them on the back table. Announcements should be limited to Birthdays, Anniversaries, Board Notices and Pastor’s comments as was agreed by the Board in 2010.  Should a member have a personal charitable event, it was agreed that the event/news be shared through the bulletin in the community news section.  The Board would like to remind everyone that we are an inclusive congregation and our pets are part of our family.  Please bring them inside so they may enjoy our company.


Next Meeting Date:  To be announced

Closing prayer provided by Michele


bulletin for july, 2018

Homily to be added

bulletin for august, 2018

Homily to be added

bulletin for september, 2018

to be added

bulletin for october 1, 2018

Attendance: Gary, Nancy, Edie, Pat, Michele

Regrets:  Joan


Opening reflection reading and prayer Pat.

Motion to accept the amended agenda and the June minutes put forth by Edie, 2nd Gary, carried.

Financial Issues

 Financial Update – Edie reviewed September expenditures.  August financial documents continue to show continuity.  Financial requests will be presented by Joan in future.  Requests from Youth Unlimited, Scott Mission, Horizons of Friendship, Freedom Network Canada, FINCA.  These are being deferred until the annual charitable amount is known. Annual Domain Renewal was sent to Rick for processing in August


Business Arising from past minutes- Alternative Church Location – no new location to date has been found that is suitable. Annual Survey to Congregation - Michele to circulate after year end report on October 14th. Copyright Licence – Marilyn completed and updated. Guatemala Delegation Visit – November 18th.  They will be speaking on the Maternal Health Child Program. Potluck to follow.


Update on current Church Committees and Project- Greenwood Collation Dinner in August supplied 90+ suppers.  Next Pot Lucks-October 14th (World Food Day), November 18(Children’s Appreciation Sunday/Guatemalan Delegation), December 16th (Happy Birthday Jesus)


New Issues -Year end report – Pat to present Oct. 14 to Congregation. Board Job Descriptions – to complete by December 31, 2018, the basis of these are within the Constitution. Michele brought forward some member concerns about the ongoing scandals in the R.C. Church and the question of whether to remove “Catholic” from our publications to distance ourselves-defer until results of survey.   Brigid’s Circle-first meeting has happened, Wednesdays are spoken for, new day will be every Thursday in the party room of Rick and Andrea apartment building at 144 Rose Glen Rd., Port Hope. Looking for more participation and ideas.  Looking at doing crafts, fellowship, guests and investigating new ideas. Keyboard- a plaque to denote donation to CTS from Lawrence and Theresa Bondy to be affixed to the keyboard-Nancy will speak to Lawrence and follow up with Pat. A suggestion for a Memorial Service to be held November 4th in memory of all CtS members who have passed away is supported by the Board.


Pastors Report – Ministerial Association-Salvation Army explained homelessness needs are great within the community.  Challenges exist to find new funding for this program.  Discussion over how CtS and Brigid’s Circle can help.  Gary to provide summary to Board members.  Don has submitted his name to volunteer on the BTRC Finance/Budget Committee.  The Association has begun planning for Good Friday and Sunrise Service. This year’s planning for Advent has been undertaken by the Clergy.  This year CtS will present Advent to Narnia, full of challenging, new ideas and formats.  This program will require full participation of all Board members and the Congregation.  It will be uplifting. The Board will meet October 15th at Edie’s at 7p.m. for a planning session for Advent.   Remembrance Day Services begin at the Hall at 10:30 and will follow the procession to the Cenotaph.  Following this service, our congregation as well as any guests will process back to the hall and a communion service with a collection will follow.


Closing reflection – prayer (Nancy)

bulletin for november, 2018


Bulletin for december 9, 2018


Statement:  To love God and to love people; and in response to that call, to be a loving, safe, spiritual home where the seeker is welcome to begin the road to spiritual growth, and where those who believe are supported to follow the path of Jesus and to mature in faith.  We join together to express our love of God through our service to others.  We are ordinary people joyously celebrating the opportunity to follow Jesus' radical message of unconditional love and to live the beatitudes.

** See website www.christtheservant.ca/ for full Statement of faith.

V Suggestions

Please submit your ideas, concerns, and suggestions. You can complete this and submit it in your collection envelope or simply put it in the collection basket.


Board Report-October financial reports were discussed.  Joan presented requests from various charities for support.  The Board

voted to donate the following funds:

 $153.00 to fund 23 Christmas meals through The Scott Mission;

 $150.00 to Northumberland Youth Unlimited;

 @250.00 to support Suicide Prevention PWRDF (Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund) designated for Indigenous Canadians;

 $150.00 to support Beginnings;

 $200.00 to support the Salvation Army for their homelessness program;

 $60.00 to support Canadian Food grains Bank which will be matched 4:1;

  $500.00 to Horizons of Friendship for the Maternal Child Health Clinics.


No new location has been found that would be a suitable alternative to our current location.  The annual congregational survey was emailed to all parishioners with email.  A hard copy was also available to those who do not use email. These are due back by November 25th to allow time for a report to be done before Christmas.  The Chair job description is being reviewed as to the scope of duties.  Next Greenwood dinner November 19th.  The Guatemalan delegation will be presenting at Service November 19th.  Webpage updates were discussed.  Sunday message is to replace the term Homily.  Children’s activities will be integrated during the homily, with Marilyn coordinating with volunteers.  Local homelessness was discussed at the Ministerial Association meeting.  Advent in Narnia preparations are underway. CtS will be holding their Sunday service after the November 11th memorial service at the Cenotaph.  It will be a communion service.  Up to $500 was allocated to advertising Advent in Narnia to the local community.  A suggestion that the Deacon hold voting rights on the Board.  This will be brought to the Congregation for a vote.


Pastoral Ministry-We at Christ the Servant are a family.  If you notice someone missing, ill, lonely or in need from our congregation, please let Anne McLaren know.  naneen@hotmail.ca 905-372-2850 .


Meal-in-bag update.

The Meal in a Bag program will continue through the winter months.  Please note that other than potatoes and onions do not include any perishable food items in the bags.  Bags with recipes to be filled are available on the back table.  Please share the gift of food with our neighbours in need.  For more information, please see Rosemary.

Annual Congregational Survey- If you have not already sent these in, please email them to Michele before December 15th at mommamitchell@yahoo.ca

Join our Celebration each Sunday morning for a CtS presentation of Advent to Narnia


Advent to Narnia-The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe-C.S. Lewis

”The religious symbolism Lewis employs throughout the novel is pointed and ubiquitous. From Lucy’s first solo journey through the wardrobe to the world on the other side, there is the sense that Lewis has created a world that is in dire need of deliverance. Lucy finds Narnia covered in snow her first time through the wardrobe. This initially gives the world a quiet, still magic, and Lucy, seeing the Faun Mr. Tumnus carrying packages in his arms, believes Christmas must be near. However, Tumnus reveals to her that the world of Narnia is under siege: the White Witch has made it so that it “always winter and never Christmas” in Narnia. This withholding of Christmas—the holiday commemorating the birth of Christ—is implied to be a purposeful withholding of the celebration of Jesus. Mr. Tumnus also notably refers to Lucy as a “Daughter of Eve”—the way Narnians refer to humans is Daughters of Eve for women, and Sons of Adam for men. This biblical reference points to humans as divine creations in God’s image, and their fated destiny to rule Narnia above all of the other magical creatures who live there is in a way a divine right. Lucy and her siblings will be heralded as saviors or deliverers, destined to, alongside the mighty Aslan, pull Narnia from its eternal winter. Sin and corruption have come to roost in Narnia under the White Witch’s rule, and Lewis uses the White Witch’s forced perpetual winter as a metaphor for the desolation and emptiness of Narnia’s soul in the absence of its ruler—the Christ figure Aslan.

Aslan is the most overt symbol of Christ in the novel; just the sound of the name inspires strong feelings in all who hear it. The first time Aslan is mentioned to the children, Edmund feels a “mysterious horror,” Peter feels “suddenly brave,” Susan feels something “delicious [or] delightful” float by her, and Lucy feels a sense of gleeful anticipation akin to the feeling of waking up on the first day of a holiday. Lewis is clearly using Aslan’s ineffable power to echo the feelings of “horror” that sinners and liars such as Edmund feel at the mention of Christ, and the bravery, glee, and peace Christ’s name inspires in his followers. Aslan’s approach severely weakens the White Witch’s power. After Edmund deserts the group to enter the employ of the White Witch, Mr. Beaver and Mrs. Beaver bring Peter, Susan, and Lucy to the Narnian landmark of the Stone Table to meet Aslan. Changes immediately begin to occur in the landscape. First, Father Christmas arrives at last to deliver presents and encouragement to Peter, Susan, and Lucy. Before he leaves, he shouts, “Merry Christmas! Long live the true King!” Though this is ostensibly a reference to Aslan (or the future High King Peter), it is also clearly a reference to Christ himself, the King of Kings. Meanwhile, as the White Witch travels to the Stone

Table, she finds that the snow has begun to melt, severely impeding the movement of her sleigh. Lewis shows Aslan’s power against the Witch—and, symbolically, Christianity’s power against heretics and nonbelievers—to be powerful even from a distance. Lewis’s belief in the almighty nature of Jesus Christ is evident as the novel speeds towards a climactic battle for Narnia’s soul.

In the novel’s climax, Aslan and the White Witch face off at the Stone Table—itself a biblical symbol reminiscent of the stone tablets bearing the commandments brought down from Sinai by Moses. The White Witch, with a coterie of giants, werewolves, and the spirits of trees behind her, confronts Aslan at the Table. Aslan has rescued Edmund from the Witch’s clutches, but she now taunts the lion as she reminds him of the “Deep Magic” that the Emperor of Narnia put into the world “at the very beginning.” Under this Deep Magic, every traitor belongs to the White Witch—Edmund, as a traitor, is hers to kill. In this way, she is an allegory for Satan, to whom sinners “belong” when they are sent to Hell. Aslan cannot deny the power of this Deep Magic, but he makes a deal with the White Witch, allowing her to kill him in Edmund’s place. Thus, the most potent metaphor for the Passion and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ emerges. Aslan is led to the Stone Table by the Witch’s attendants, and is taunted, shamed, and shaved of his mane. The Witch then kills Aslan, as a horrified Lucy and Susan look on. The Witch and her minions abandon Aslan’s corpse, and Lucy and Susan attend to it, freeing him from his bonds. As the sun begins to rise, though, Aslan is resurrected before the girls’ eyes, and the Stone Table cracks in two. As in the New Testament, when Mary and Mary Magdalene attended Jesus’s body ahead of his resurrection—during which Jesus rolled aside a stone boulder and emerged from his tomb— Lewis creates a profound and instantly recognizable image of Aslan as Narnia’s immortal savior.

After Aslan’s resurrection, a climactic battle ensues—Aslan and the four siblings are triumphant, and so Lewis’s narrative confirms the inherent righteousness and ultimate unassailability of Christian values. The novel’s central conflict is the struggle between Christianity’s tenets of sacrifice, empathy, and striving towards goodness and godlessness, sin, and selfishness. In couching this struggle in symbol and metaphor and pitting Aslan and the White Witch against one another, Lewis literally lionizes Christianity and situates the religion’s central story, the story of Jesus Christ, in a fantasy realm where its miraculous happenings and moral core can be viewed in a new light.” Courtesy of https://www.litcharts.com/lit/the-lion-the-witch-and-the-wardrobe/themes/christian-allegory


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