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Carly's message from June 12.


Good morning everyone. Thank you for having me here today. My Name is Carly Cunningham, and I am the Manager of Community Engagement for Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre.


I want to start off today by thanking you for your generousity. You have been strong supporters of ours and with your help we have been able to provide vital services to the woman and children of Northumberland County, specifically those who benefit from our children’s summer program.


Last year Cornerstone served more than 2300 women and children through our shelter, counselling and prevention programs, operating with an occupancy rate of 120% and sadly the need for our services continues to grow. Though this is a sad reality our County faces, it is with your support that we continue to grow stronger. It is with your support that women and children are finding safety within our walls, and it is with your support that we are able to continue in our mission, remaining open to service those who are fleeing family violence.


But even in the darkest of times, light shines through. With the warm weather finally upon us we are once again planning our Children’s Programming for summer and the year ahead. Last year, our children’s program raised $4700 and children who accessed our residential services had the opportunity to attended a Blue Jay’s game, experience Centre Island, take trips to the Peterborough Zoo, Presqu’ile Park and attended local community events like the farmer’s market, Cobourg Cougar’s games, and the Cobourg beach. We were also able to send 7 children to camp through our partnership with YMCA Northumberland.


We are excited to continue in this partnership with YMCA Northumberland for the third consecutive year, to offer each of our children the opportunity to attend a week at Cobourg YMCA Summer Day Camp; a once in a lifetime opportunity to the children staying with us over the summer months.


Often these outings and events are the highlight of our families’ summer, and the day’s end with happy, yet tired, participants! Being part of these activities can make a significant difference in the lives of these children as fun and normalcy help ease the pain for children who have been exposed to family violence.


But with the demand for service continuing to grow, more families are crossing through our doors than ever before. Unfortunately, government funding does not keep up with the demand for the services that we provide, so our Children’s Programming is based solely on fundraised dollars.  Four years ago, we established the Adeline Bulger Children’s Fund for such donations, to ensure every child has the chance to be a kid.


Community leaders like you can make a significant difference in the lives of these children by helping us sustain our tradition of providing a much needed Children’s Program.


We hope that we can continue to count on your support and generous contributions to the Adeline BulgerChildren’s Fund, so that your continued support can have a positive impact on the lives of local children who are fleeing family violence. This year our goal is $6500, and we hope that you will be able to make a contribution in order to keep our long running program going throughout the year. Your generosity will make a difference in our community by allowing us to continue in our work.


Because of you Cornerstone is a place of refuge, a fresh start and a beacon of hope for the women and children of Northumberland County.


On behalf of Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre and the children who benefit from our programs and services, we wish you and your family a safe summer holiday.


Together, we can make a difference in the life of a local child this summer.

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