Christ the Servant Church Declaration and Affirmation

For you are all children of God in the Spirit.

There is no Jew or Greek;
There is no slave or free;
There is no male and female.

For you are all one in the Spirit. Galatians 3:2

Our beliefs are evolving, and will continue to do so, under the guidance of God's Spirit, but, at this point in time, these are the things that we hold dear and trust. Regardless of our differing experiences: age, gender identity, (full inclusion of LGBTQ persons), economic status, ancestry, creed and culture. We share a common vision. Today we remain a welcoming, inclusive, and open congregation, committed to spiritual growth and the pursuit of peace and justice in Christ’s name.

We invite the full participation of all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, ability or worldly condition in the life and ministry of our church.

We are a community of Christian believers who are seeking to model the early Christians in inclusiveness and in an evolving faith journey.

We are a church that holds to visibly living out the Great Commandments: love God and love others. We seek to love and serve our neighbours in response to their needs.

We are a church where everyone is equal and welcome; in working together we commit to remove barriers of race, class, culture, gender and social prejudices that inhibit full participation.

We are a Christian church where the laity and clergy together share an understanding of the church, its goals and its purpose, and where together we work to bring these to life.

We are a church that respects all of God’s creation and our
responsibility as stewards of our natural environment.

About Christ the Servant Church
Our worship and congregational life reflect our beliefs. Worship includes a variety of elements and styles of music. We draw on a wide variety of voices through which to hear the word proclaimed:
in addition to our pastor, who preaches regularly, Deacon, lay preachers and preachers from the wider community often bring their own diverse insights to our pulpit. Our congregation is led by
an elected Board who lead the congregation in decisions about how best to use our resources, supported by our pastor, who shares in that discernment and leads in worship and spiritual matters.

Congregation members have a voice on major decisions in the church's life and are encouraged to take an active role in our various ministries.

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