Gary O-Dwyer

Gary was born and raised in the Ottawa Valley. After a few years
in the seminary he decided to pursue a career in teaching
high school history and marry the love of his life, Pauline. Gary
was educated at Carleton University. He began his career in
Campbellford and from there moved to Cobourg where he spent
most of his forty-year teaching career. Gary's passion for social
justice extended beyond the classroom as he developed “the
Speaker's Forum” in which he invited many dignitaries, history
makers and activists from around the world .... Fr. John Dear,
Kathy Kelly, Bobby Seale..., to engage with his students. Gary
ignited the spark of social justice in hundreds of students. Over
the course of his career, Gary was awarded the prestigious
Marshall McLuhan Teaching Excellence Award in 1989, the
Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian
History in 2000, the YMCA Peace Medal in 1993, as well as
several other distinctions.
Since retiring from teaching, Gary was ordained by Abba
Ministries of Canada in 2009 and became pastor of Christ the
Servant Church. He has continued his pursuit of social justice in
the parish with active involvement both locally and abroad as
noted in part by his work with Syrian refugees, and Sr. Raphael
and St. Bonaventure orphanage/school in Kenya. His liturgical
work/writing is inclusive with the guiding philosophy of “All are
Welcome to the Table”.
Through all his dedication and hard work shines a quick wit and
bad sense of humour (dad jokes) attested to by his parish, his
colleagues, his wife, and most especially his two daughters and
two grandsons.

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